If you want to see more about one of the businesses below I have linked them for you! Go see the amazing companies I get to work with each day. 

I work with some of the best people I have ever met.  Though I specialize in wedding creatives, I get to work with professionals from every background. 


Do what you       and outsource the rest.

Jess Aiken

Hilary is a godsend! We do everything via Trello and there are times I'm really bad at fully explaining what I need. Somehow Hilary has just learned how I am and knows what I need! She is a huge lifesaver and I am so thankful this girl pops up in my inbox on the regular! She is my behind the scenes guru!

Wedding Co of Williamsburg

Justin Gibby

Our company has been growing, which brings on new challenges. We knew we needed someone to field phone calls coming in and other organizational systems. We weren’t ready to hire full-time, but knew a virtual assistant would be the next best thing at this time. Then who? Where do you look? Who can you trust? Who can adapt to our business? In the past, I had the opportunity to work with Hilary on a sizable project and got to see her work ethic, character, and personality as she worked for a trusted business. About a year later she announced her VA service. I immediately contacted her to learn more and about a week later we were up and running. In the beginning, I threw some curves balls at her, but her patience has made everything work. It’s such a relief to know we can trust a professional person to handle phone calls and communication with our amazing clients and new tasks. Hilary’s professionalism has put me at ease as a business owner and allowed me to focus on other areas of the business.

Gibby Visuals + Just Digitize

tava scott

Hilary Assisting has been an excellent asset to our Consulting Firm. Hilary learns new information quickly; she is task-oriented and an excellent communicator. We can always depend on Hilary, from systems development, streamlining processes, to general organization project assistance. She also does an exceptional job accepting and applying feedback. I can honestly say that Hilary is an amazing team member. 

T. Scott Consulting


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