I became a virtual assistant because I believe I can make a difference in the the day-to-day for all entrepreneurs.  I have so many tricks up my sleeve to help give you the time to focus on the big projects while I take care of all of the details.  You have a business to run so let me handle the things you don't have the time to get to or just don't feel like doing. I can't wait to chat with you and learn more about your business!

As someone who spent 8+ years in the wedding and event industry, I completely understand the struggle that creatives go through. The constant client inquiries, website updates, social media monitoring, and other tasks would take a toll on any normal person.  Add in producing actual events and it explains why we all survive off lattes and wine.  You deserve your freedom back.  Take a day off and know you have someone to count on.


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I run on coffee, working out, using colored pens and I start every day by going over my to do list.  I have a true love of being organized and using my abilities to help others.  


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